Funartech Inc.

About the company

Funartech is a Montreal based startup specialized in providing services in AI. We are also working on our first products. And we do a lot of research.

Funartech was founded in 2017.

What's in a name?

We gave ourselves 30 minutes to find a name. Funartech came out. It's essentially describing three of our core values:

Life is really too short not to have fun. Also, if work is taking so much time in one's life, you better keep the fun in a way or another, no?
We consider ourselves as artisans, as art makers. There are no rules to follow to create a model and an algorithm to find solutions, it is a difficult craft that requires years and years of practice and dedication.
Obviously, we are a tech company. Actually, we sometimes define our own technologies.

What is in our DNA?

The company was created with doing good in mind. We aim to improve this planet one project at a time. Now that we are collectively on the verge of self-destruction, it is even more important to work hand in hand towards a better future.

We are an inclusive company

We not only believe everybody can bring something and has her/his own strengths but are convinced that we need diversity in tackling the most difficult problems and value different point of views as an added strength.