An open door to AGI

We are developing what we call an open door towards AGI.

  1. AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is not well defined. If you've never heard those words, you can summarize AGI as the "the intelligence of a machine that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can" (Wikipedia, article on Artificial General Intelligence, retrieved on the 6th of April 2019). Pretty vague definition.
  2. We are not aiming at simulating or mimicking the human brain. Nor any brain for that matter. We believe that brains are extremely complex and we are just starting to understand them.

An open door towards AGI

First, we have a different and basic definition of intelligence:

Is intelligent any system that can autonomously change its internal understanding/representation of its outside world.

There are some subtleties (and flaws!) in this definition but let's focus on the essentials and be pragmatic. We call intelligent any system that could in principle wipe out what it has learnt or been programmed to be/do. Of course, the idea is not to have some system that randomly replaces some chunks of its internal memory but a system that "cautiously" decides to replace parts or even all of what it has learnt or been programmed to be/do.

Second, we claim we can construct such a system. But not overnight. It is taking some time but we'll get there.


Here is a (outdated) road-map on how we plan to build this open door to AGI. We were overly optimistic but the road-map remains accurate about our future progression.

We started by injecting emotions into chatbots. Our first chatbot prototype Philia is a work in progress.

On Saturday 30th of March 2019, we publicly presented our POC (Proof Of Concept) at the ConcordAI Finale Far Into the Future: Implications of a World Run by AI. You can learn more about this story here : it's a nice story with a happy ending.

The next step is to transform this POC into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Stay tuned...