With four prominent world experts in Vehicle Routing (see Our team), we provide some of the finest vehicle routing solutions.

With several projects under the belt, we now have a solid platform to solve complex and huge deliveries with specific constraints. In both cases, we reduced the cost by 30% or more.

Here is a sneak peek of our AI platform in action.

A delivery solution in Montreal.

Our first project with the Aisin group

The Aisin group (Toyota) Japan organized a contest and Funartech won 1st place among 800 AI companies. You can read more about this project here: How the Aisin Group collaborated with Montreal-based startup Funartech to solve its logistics challenges.

Mathematical/theoretical solutions are great but reality is too complex to be modelled as is: hence the need for modelling a simplified view of it. In particular, accidents and unforeseen events are rarely taken into account. Our approach allows us to adapt the theoretical solutions to real life and real time without loosing too much efficiency.

In our first project with the Aisin group, their challenge had two great difficulties:

  1. the huge quantities of automotive parts that need to be moved every day;
  2. the fact that it is not a delivery from point A to B but a much more complex delivery.

With our approach, we managed to find a solution in less than 6 months and obtained 30% of cost reduction with a robust solution.

In the future, we foresee a possible cost reduction of 50% in production.