Industry 5.0

We barely started to embrace industry 4.0 and already are moving towards industry 5.0. Well, yes, we are moving fast but the good news is that you can embark directly into industry 5.0 bypassing industry 4.0 all together!

The other good news is that industry 5.0 puts the human back in the loop and cares about the planet.

What is industry 5.0?

Let's recap the different industrial revolutions (image taken from ):

List of industry revolutions

We can understand industry 4.0 as essentially the combination of the four analyses described in What is Prescriptive Analysis? and the tools needed to provide such analyses.

Industry 5.0 goes one step further. So what is it actually?

First of all, Industry 5.0 has a holistic approach: an industry is considered as a whole with its interactions with the world and is not considered anymore as an isolated island. Every process is considered in its globality. This for instance means that the pollution generated by the industry is part of any equation: not only because of the possible critisims it could trigger among its customers but because of the concerns about climate change and its impact on humanity - and thus the industry itself.

Second, Industry 5.0 takes the concept of customization to the next level. See our current research about Tailoring solutions .

Third, Industry 5.0 puts the human back into the loop. Workers will work hand in hand with artificial intelligence. The machine will automate repetitive and dangerous tasks allowing the human to be more creative.