Tailoring solutions

Nowadays, it is about time that we improve the way we construct solution for others. Currently, the main trend is to construct one solution with some (or lots of) parameters and to tweak those parameters to a specific customer. We include in this approach the use of several modules that can be added or removed depending on the customer's needs.

We are aiming at something different and we think better suited to help the customer get the best user experience. With the current technology, we should be able to construct software (hardware too?) solutions in such a way that:

  • we can staple not modules but small entities that talk to each others and know how and when to combine. You can think of them as intelligent legos that cooperate.
  • the software can automatically identify and correct bugs as quickly as possible without needing human intervention.
  • the software can track what a user is doing and either reinforce the good use of the software or on the countrary tell the user that she should change her behavior (or a mix of both).