Where machine learning meets operations research

We truly believe in combining different fields to solve complex industrial problems. In particular, we believe in the hybridization of ML (Machine Learning) and OR (Operations Research).

There are (at least) 4 ways to combine ML and OR.

This hybridization will one day become mainstream as it is obvious (to us but soon everybody) that combining ML and OR allows us to go much further than using ML or OR alone. We even envision a future where both fields will be reunited and merged into a new field.

Technologies for the greater good

At Funartech, we embrace projects that have positive environmental and/or societal impacts. See our Mission.

There are so many (read: all) projects that can benefit from the latest technologies (ML and OR but also Big Data, Block Chain, Quantum Computing and so on). As experts and holders of those technologies, it is our duty to help the society and the planet in general.

AGI will not happen without OR

And we'll probably need to add many other ingredients to obtain AGI.

We are working on what we call An open door towards AGI.