At Funartech, we advocate partnerships because we truly believe this is the best way to work together. And so do our partners.

First of all, a partnership is a win-win situation. If we both engage on such positive terms, it becomes obvious that a partnership is beneficial to both our companies. Two companies helping each other can only go further together than each other separately. Yes, we are small and in demand but partnership is ingrained in our philosophy no matter the size of a company.

Every partnership is unique

Every partnership is unique. Each of our partners is unique and so is our partnership with them. If you are interested, you can have a look at the list of our partners.

Benefits of a partnership with us

Or why do we think this is the way to go?

There are so many reasons, but to list a few:

  • most of our solutions are costly. When we partner, we can bear a part of the costs/risks;
  • being partners, we are fully dedicated to our common success;
  • we are able to bring you further and quicker than when you are on your own. AI solutions are complex beasts. Not only are they difficult to construct, they are also difficult to maintain. We partner up? Not only do we do the maintenance but we'll incrementally and continually improve our solutions;
  • when we construct a solution and share the profits together, we are also able to sell our solution and use our network to introduce such solution;
  • we are solution driven and we have tons of ideas on how to improve anything. With us, you'll get an additional point of view;
  • with a partnership, we are mutually enforcing our companies;
  • ...

Kind of partnerships

Here are some examples of our current partnerships but in reality the possibilities are endless:

  • on a given specific industrial project: we are working in a joint venture to make a project happen. Once the project is done, so is our collaboration.
  • we collaborate on fundamental research with the idea to share the profits of the implementation of the said research;
  • we do have partners for which we are their main AI providers, i.e. we help them harness the power of AI inside their company. They focus on their knowledge and we bring the latest technologies to help them. We do provide specific modules on top of their solutions. In such case, these modules are sold independently but reinforce the attractiveness of their product;
  • we collaborate, mostly for free, on certain projects that have a huge positive impact on the society and/or the environment;
  • we do provide advice to businesses to help them understand what is possible or not with the new technologies and tell them in advance what the future of AI will be.
  • ...