Our partners

We list some of our partners that accept to be publicly associated with us. Some partners, and we totally respect that, prefer not to be mentioned for the moment.

AI Launch Lab

AI Launch Lab is an incubator - accelerator that stands out not only by the way it is functioning but also and foremost because of its inclusive approach. They propose AI Research and Development Mentorship Programs that offer the chance to learn and acquire skills and experience in AI through creation supported by mentorship. Each cohort works for several weeks and is given the opportunity and support to provide real value to startups, and to push the boundaries of AI in research and development and open innovation projects.

The first (January - March 2019) and second cohort (May - July 2019) were very successful and we were pleased to do fundamental research in AI with them.


illuxi. We develop products and services that enable hundreds of companies to improve knowledge sharing and skills transfer.

Demand Side Instruments

Demand Side Instruments is an IoT solutions provider. We create agronomic tools & mobile apps to help manage resources and attempt to address the consequences of climate change.