Overview of our R&D

We do some pretty cool innovative research at Funartech.

We are research oriented

All our projects are research-based. We don't take anything for granted. After the classical literature review, we implement our own versions of the algorithms that are specially customized for our customers.

We also do fundamental research, mainly about the hybridization of ML and OR. We still haven't taken the time to publish our research but hopefully that day will come soon and we'll be able to share our discoveries with the world!

Current research in AI

Our current R&D projects in AI focus on:

  • How to inject emotions into AI . This project is in collaboration with École Polytechnique de Montréal. We are introducing emotions into AI algorithms. This is not sentiment analysis where one tries to detect the emotions of humans. We do the opposite: we make bots emotional.
  • An open door towards AGI . We are developing an autonomous system that is able to completely replace its internal understanding/perception of the outside world. This project is done in collaboration with Dr. Michel Gendreau, full professor at the Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering of École Polytechnique de Montréal. Soon, we will launch a co-supervised thesis on this fascinating topic.
  • Are adversarial examples inherent to Neural Networks or not? We believe they are (but that's just a belief for now). We are bringing our own two cents to this question. Even if adversarial examples turn out to be intrinsic to NN, there exist OR techniques to handle them. We are also working on that.
  • Backpropagation combined with gradient descent is the main approach to train DL models. There exist some other approaches but currently none surpass the aforementioned couple. Do we think something better is possible? You bet!
  • Word embeddings are a wonderful tool. Since 2013 and Word2Vec, it seems that the distributional hypothesis prevails. Not so fast. There exist OR techniques to further improve word embeddings.
  • We are developping our own approach to keep a history of human transactions. Stay tuned!

Current research in computer engineering

Our current R&D projects in AI focus on: