Privacy policy

As of 1st of July 2019, we have a very simple privacy policy: we don't collect any information about you.

We thus have no idea who you are, what you are looking for or what pages interest you the most. Please, feel free to contact us.

We might change this policy at any time because our own survival might depend on it. As a startup, we need to listen to our own customers but also to the trends. Therefore, we might in the future gather some anonymous information about where you are coming from, what pages your are reading and so on. Or maybe not. But for sure, we will not use Google Analytics or something as intrusive.

We will let you know in due time.

As of 22nd of September 2023, we have the obligation to designate a person to deal with all privacy matters inside our team. If you read the above, you know that we don't hold any data about you. If you are one of our customers, you signed a business contract stipulating that we can use your data as mentioned in the contract (this is contract dependent).

If you have any inquiry about our policy practices, you can contact:

Privacy contact (Dr. Dania El-Khechen)