Manufacturing optimization

Manufacturing is one of the sectors that can benefit from AI the most. Whether it is to automate processes with robots (to help people not to replace them!), verify the quality of the products made, schedule teams and production, predict the market, optimize the inventory and so on, AI provides robust and efficient solutions.

The following image depicts different tasks being assigned to four machines in such a way that only one human operator is needed to follow up. This optimized assignment lead to a 25% reduction in the time needed for one - human - operator to follow up on all her assigned tasks.

How to optimize the work of one - human - operator on four machines in parallel?

Do more with less, but not at the expense of workers

In one of our manufactoring client's projects, the objective was to process more goods on some machines with an optimized surveillance by human operators. Some tasks needed to be processed with maximal supervision (orange blocks), mild supervision (yellow blocks) or no supervision at all (green blocks). The challenge was to optimize the number of tasks to be processed in one day, or minimize the needed human supervision.

We wanted to help the human operator in doing her job well without additional pressure. A good optimization can and must take into account the well-being of the people using the AI tools!