Overview of our products

We started to construct some products at Funartech. The end goal is to provide products that our users can use out of the box but for the moment we are focused on co-constructing tailored products for our big customers. Maybe there is a product we could co-construct together?

This section will be developed in the near future. We plan to create some showcases of some of our solutions. Our expertise is on how to combine different mathematical fields and our approach can be used for all problems in any field for any company. This is why we list products in different fields.

Deliveries (and more generally routing problems)

With two projects under the belt, we start to have a good grasp on how to solve complex and huge deliveries with specific constraints. In both cases, we could reduce the cost by 30% or more.

One of the project was with the Aisin group and we won a contest (1st place among 800 AI companies). You can read more about this project here: How the Aisin Group collaborated with Montreal-based startup Funartech to solve its logistics challenges.

Mathematical/theoretical solutions are great but reality is too complex to be modelled and thus you need to model a simplistic view of the reality. In particular, accidents and unforeseen events are rarely taken into account as they don't happen frequently but nonetheless you have to take them into account in reality because they do occur. Our approach allows us to adapt these theoretical solutions to reality and real time without loosing too much efficiency.

Computer vision

With two projects under the belt, we now understand how to inject OR into computer vision solutions to improve and stabilize these solutions. Computer vision projects are perfect for a hybrid approach!

We had a project where the quality of the images was really bad. In ML there is this saying:

Garbage in, garbage out.
Not so fast. With our hybridization of ML and OR we could build a system that takes bad inputs but could provide good insights!