Overview of our products

We are co-developing products with our biggest customers to solve of their most complex industrial problems.

One of our objectives is to provide products that our users can use out of the box with automatic tailoring. See Tailoring solution for a description about what want to achieve in the near future with auto-morphing algorithms and a new approach to analytically solve problems.

We showcase here of some of our solutions. Our expertise is on how to combine different mathematical fields and our approach can be used for all problems in any field for any company.

Why a tailored solution?

There several very good reasons why you should use a tailored solution. Here are the most common ones:

  • No solution exist
    In that case, you don't have any choice. This can happen if your problem is very specific or - like for our biggest customers - there are no solution that can deal with your huge instances.
  • You need to control the solution
    For privacy, robustness or other reasons, you may need to be in total control of the solution.
  • You want a solution that can evolve with your needs
    Some solution providers are not as flexible as you want and you want to be sure that the product will still be relevant in a few years and can be adapted to your changes.
  • You need a solution that really works for you
    Already existing solution might look shiny and all but are actually not suited to your company or the way your people operate. Our solutions are not only tailored to solve your specific problems but also take your context into account: what type of data your have, how your people operate, what time you can invest to adopt the solutions and so on.
Whatever the reason, one big incentive for you to construct a tailored solution with us is the huge ROI. With our new AI, we manage to optimize by 20% to 40% which in turn significantly reduces your costs and/or augments your revenues.

What about the costs and time needed?

Most companies are looking for quick solutions. If you find an already existing solution that perfectly fits your needs, great, go for it! But most of the time, there isn't a solution that fits all. That's why there are companies like ours, to co-construct tailored solutions that perfectly fits your expectations and even beyond (see our Testimonials).

That said, whatever the kind of solutions you embrace, using AI is a change of paradigm and you should prepare for a long and sometimes challenging transition. AI is not just an add-on to your company, it can be a completely new way of doing business. And yes, this is part of our process when we co-construct solutions with you. We even had a project where we had to train, reassure and convince the people using our solutions that indeed it was a good idea to do so!

AI projects are costly, especially when you use tailored solutions but the ROI - when the project is done right! - is so huge: the initial cost of the investment is recovered in a very short time.

Last but not least, you gain a robustness in your processes that is unmissable.