Funartech compte parmi les meilleures startups avec lesquelles l’Administration portuaire de Montréal (APM) a collaboré jusqu’à présent. Une startup très mature et à l’écoute qui cherche continuellement à se dépasser, défier les limites du possible et, surtout, à dépasser les attentes de son client. Nikolaj et son équipe ont fait preuve d’un degré d’engagement et de professionnalisme exceptionnels. Funartech combine l’apprentissage machine à la recherche opérationnelle de manière unique pour donner des résultats très impressionnants en vision numérique et analyse d’images.

Funartech is one of the best startups the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) has worked with to date. A very mature and attentive startup that continually seeks to surpass itself, challenge the limits of what is possible and, above all, exceed its client's expectations. Nikolaj and his team have demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and professionalism. Funartech combines machine learning with operations research in a unique way to give very impressive results in computer vision and image analysis.

Daniel Olivier, Director Business Intelligence and Innovation Montreal Port Authority, Canada

Nous avons été impressionné à la fois par l'expertise de Funartech en recherche opérationnelle et machine learning mais aussi par leur capacité à délivrer un travail conséquent rapidement. Funartech a joué un rôle prépondérant dans la mise en place de l'intelligence algorithmique derrière l'OPS, un logiciel à l'avant garde de l'Industrie 4.0. Cette collaboration nous permet désormais d'offrir un produit unique sur le marché qui améliore considérablement la productivité des manufacturiers.

We were impressed both by Funartech's expertise in operational research and machine learning and by their ability to deliver consistent work quickly. Funartech played a leading role in implementing the algorithmic intelligence behind OPS, a software at the forefront of Industry 4.0. This collaboration now allows us to offer a unique product on the market that significantly improves manufacturers' productivity.

Frédéric Scherer, CEO JITbase, Canada

We have had the pleasure of working with Nikolaj for period of five months, a tenure where his experience, intellect, personality and clarity have been invaluable.

The background can be described as that we were facing a problem where we (Tickster) already had a suite of products and software infrastructure – in which an optimization problem was left to the end user to deal with. This is custom for the type of functionality we’re talking about, but – we saw a possibility that this could be automated and, as a consequence, made available also over the internet, without the need of manual intervention by a skilled end user.

Nikolaj have been instrumental throughout the process, from the early feasibility study throughout modelling and, finally, implementation of a solver. We have, as a client, delivered background materials, initial problem formulation and thereafter, at regular intervals, discussed and calibrated the steps forward while Nikolaj have done ‘the hard thinking and actual work’.

Working with remote expertise can be challenging but the collaboration with Nikolaj have been anything but, - it has fluent and efficient. In particular his commendable documentation and also in ensuring testability of the solver.

I can therefore only congratulate those that have the privilege of working with Nikolaj.

Niklas Stake, CTO Tickster AB, Sweden

Very reliable, intelligent and patient contractor. Came in and fixed up a mess from a previous contractor. Very satisfied and we highly recommend!

Tom Schmitt, CEO Equastat LLC, USA

Funartech helped us take an existing product to the next level. They quickly assimilated our requirements and were providing quality technology and business value in short order. Our partnership with Funartech dramatically increased our development velocity and we will absolutely be working with them again in the future.